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GDA-20P is motor actuated proportional damper actuator controlled by the signal DC 0~10V or 4 ~ 20mA, and designed for damper control in HVAC system and can provide 0 ~10V position feed back signal.

Used for operating Damper for ventilation and Air handling facilities.
Nominal torque is 20Nm and can be covered damper surface area for 4㎡.
Proportional operation will be activated by DC 0 ~10V or 4 ~ 20mA and possible to be DC 0 ~ 10V position feedback signal output.

Damper rotation can be selectable direction ( CW or CCW ) by jumper PIN.
Damper moves by control signal that it maintains same position unless changing control signal.
When operating power is at normal and at no control signal, Actuator moves to the direction of " 0°" or " 90°" ( operating direction can be changd by jumper PIN ).
When power is OFF, Actuator will be stopped at current position.

Supply Voltage    AC 24V ±10%
  Frequency   50 / 60 ㎐
 Power Consumption   5 VA ~ 7.5VA( on operation )-3W
 Control Signal   DC 0~10V / 4~20mA ( Multiple use )
 Positioning Accuracy   ±5%
 Nominal Torque  200 Kg-㎝(20 Nm)
  Nominal Rotating Range  0 ~ 90°
  Mechanical Rotating Range    95°±2° ( mechanical control limit at 95°)
 Rotating Direction   Direct / Reverse Action ( built-in direction converting PIN )
 Operating Time   110 sec
 Operating Condition  -30 ~ +50℃, below 95%RH
 Connecting Cable  0.5sq.mm ~ 1.5mm
 Noise Degree   45 dB
 Protection Class   IP 42
 Weight   1.72 Kg
 Applicable damper shaft  Φ10~Φ20 ( round pipe ), □10~□16 ( square pipe )

Mounting Bracket : To mount Actuator on damper axis directly, it must be used with mounting bracket and fixing pin of mounting bracket should be correctly fixed on the groove of Actuator.
Mounting Location : Select easy location for setting dial of front side of Actuator and cable connection.
Manual Control : To adjust correct open/close function of switching location of damper, first to press manual button according to mounting procedures and adjust shaft adaptor and location indicator.
Mechanical limitation for rotating degree movement : can be limited rotating degree movement by 5°between 0°to 90°.

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