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2-WAY CONTROL VALVE(Bronze)    GVS21 시리즈

2-WAY CONTROL VALVE(Bronze) (GVS21 시리즈)

“GVS21” series valves control Two positions or the proportion of cold/hot water, steam and air.

The body and the seat are made of bronze, and the valve’s stem and body are of stainless steel.

The stuffing box prevents leakage by using an O-ring and Vition.
The feature curve of the valve is linear type controlling by the actuator closing or opening.


l  This model can be employed in a wide range of applications such as cooling, air

 Handing, steam and hot water systems for use with electric actuators.

l  Hot water: Max 130℃

l  Chilled water: 
- 25℃ Max. in closed circuit Only water with following additives.
- Hydrazine, Phosphate, for frost protection
- Glycol, max. 50%, for frost protection


l  Operating pressure    : 16Kgf/cm²

l  Operating temp        : - 25 ~ 180℃, DIN 4747 / DIN 3158

l  Valve curve           : Linear

l  Leakage rate          : ≤0.01% of Kvs value Class Ⅳ(ANSI B 16.104)

l  Connection            : PT Screwed Type

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