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3-WAY CONTROL VALVE(Bronze)    GXS21 시리즈

3-WAY CONTROL VALVE(Bronze) (GXS21 시리즈)

“GXS21” series of 3-way control Valve is intended to control two positions or the proportional of cold/hot water, steam and air. The body and the seat are made bronze, and valve’s stem and plug are of stainless steel. The stuffing box prevents leakage by using an O-ring and Viton.
The feature curve of the valve is linear type. 

l  Hot water: Hot water: max. 130℃

l  Chilled water: -25℃ max. in closed circuit only Water with following additives ;

- Hydra zing, Phosphate, for frost protection

- Glycol, max. 50%, for frost protection

l  Operating pressure  : 16Kg/cm² (16bar)

l  Operating temp     : - 25 ~ 180℃ DN4747/DN3158

l  Valve curve
1) Straight port : Linear
2) By-pass : Linear

l  Leakage rate
1) Straight port : ≤0.01% of Kvs value Class Ⅳ(ANSI B 16.104-1976)
2) By-pass : ≤0.5% of Kvs value

l  Connection       : PT screwed Type

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