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2-WAY CONTROL VALVE    GVF21 시리즈 (15A~150A) | GVF21 시리즈 (200A~350A)

2-WAY CONTROL VALVE (GVF21 시리즈 (15A~150A))

 GVF 21 “is intended to control two positions or the proportion

of cold/hot water, steam and air.

The body is made of cast-iron and the valve stem, seat, and valve plug

are of stainless.

The stuffing box prevents leakage by using O-ring and Viton.

The feature curve of the valve is equal percentage or linear type. 

Hot water : max. 120℃
Chilled water : -25℃ max. in closed circuit only Water with following additives ;
  - Hydrazine, Phosphate, for frost protection
  - Glycol, max. 50%, for frost protection
  - Saturated steam, superheated steam.

hOperating pressure    : 10Kgf/cm²

hOperating temp       : - 25 ~ 120℃

hValve curve          : Equal percentage or Linear

hLeakage rate         : ≤0.01% of Kvs value Class Ⅳ

hConnection           : JIS 10K RF type

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